Can be removed from the use of the common industry range of stickers
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Dongguan Wanling Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional production of "stickers" manufacturers shift, 2003 started R & D removable glue products R & D, with top technical team and experienced adhesive company. For the community and the adhesive industry to create a safe and non-toxic, high quality, green ecological circle. Can be removed adhesive is one of our products, the following is a brief introduction to the industry wide range of it.

Appliance category of decorative labels

Tags feature: you can always open, can be long-term retention. Such as: the label on the TV screen, the surface of the microwave oven, the label on the lens, etc..

Label for daily use

Features: with a repeatable paste or can be moved and then sticky. Such as the sealing label on the tissue paper, and the label of the product surface used for several times.

Office supplies special labels

Label features: such labels affixed to the surface of a variety of items, can be torn off and then affixed, the use of very convenient. The surface of the blank, the back is coated with adhesive, commonly known as the N. The label has a different color, yellow, blue, etc.. Commonly used in the message, notes and so on, is a common label and work in office.

Can be removed from the use of adhesive labels in the industry, to bring a lot of small convenience. Of course, it can also be used in other industries, such as: electronic, hardware, printing, furniture, construction and other industries. Use of removable adhesive labels on any item can be flexible application, at any time to tear not leave marks, improve the surface of the item. Due to the various specifications, size, shape, thickness, so the production need to be based on the requirements of your various aspects of production.

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