Common solution to move without mark glue
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Million highly shift of adhesive labels, removable adhesive is refers to the gum to glue adhesive materials shift is some stickers affixed to items on the surface, but also re torn and pasted continue to use. Generally used more is inside the factory label, such as semi-finished products posted on the label, with removable adhesive, and the subsequent need to tear it is easier and more convenient, also won't leave any traces.

Common solution method for moving non mark Glue Labeling

1 increase the viscosity of the label

How to make the label paste firm, to achieve this effect, need to consider from the following 3 aspects:

1.1 to improve the surface quality of the object being put on.

1.2 control labeling labeling pressure.

1.3 standard paste and paste the temperature should not be too high.

2 change the shape of the tag

Of course arc not open too deep, otherwise the tag itself is easy to cause fold, will add unnecessary troubles, tags for alien to do some appropriate changes. It can not only avoid warping label can also increase the sense of beauty.

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