Several problems with the high resolution of the double side adhesive tape
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1, can move the double glue is a rubber?

Yes, but it is also a removable adhesive, the name of each have different, but their characteristics and functions are the same, but the move is a double paste.

2, can be removed from the adhesive tape adhesive tape after the viscosity of the adhesive tape is a significant decline in what is the matter?

Encountered in the adhesive tape adhesive tape, the first question is to confirm whether the issue of paper or glue, see if the tape is expired, whether there is a stain on the type of paper. And then see if the use of the environment is on the double-sided tape have special requirements, if there is, to see if you can move to buy if the tape is in compliance.

3, where there are sold to be a double side adhesive tape?

Generally, the tape factory has sold double-sided tape, if you need a large number of wholesale and adhesive tape factory, if it is necessary to buy a small number of retail stores.

4. The difference between the two sides can be shifted to the tape and the tape.

The former: This is a double sided tape can be moved, is able to achieve arbitrary kind, where you want to paste on where the paste, but also will not give adhesive tape surface.

The latter: This is just an ordinary double-sided tape, can achieve the effect of a double sided adhesive, it is the former general.

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