What is the characteristic of reusable tape application on the adhesive hook?
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    The appearance of reusable tape meets the different needs of people. It can be applied in different fields. No matter whether it is household products or electronic products. How is the reusable tape applied to the hook? Let's take a look at the features of this adhesive hook. 

The features of adhesive hook :

    1. This is an environmentally friendly self-adhesive hook that uses excellent imported raw materials.

    2.Self-adhesive hooks can be pasted repeatedly, leaving no residue and no damage to the surface finish.

    3.The adhesive hook can be washed with water, and when there is duston the surface, it can be washed with water, after drying it will refresh the original sticky effect.

    4.The regular color of hooks are transparent (or custom), free to shift, leaving no trace, no damage to the surface.

    5.After separation, there will be no residue remaining on the pasted object , and it is damage-free.

    6.As long as the contact surface is clean, it can be pasted many times. Environmentally friendly adhesive hooks is suitable for a variety of applications.

    7.With strong load bearing(hooks size in 70X70mm, load-bearing is 5Kg)

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