Reusable Tape In Mobile electronic show
Release time:2019-05-13 | Source: Ideal Home Universal Tape Co.Limited. | Click:1760

Cheers! WGO Electronic Material Co., has just attended the Global Sources Mobile Electronic Show in Hongkong and catch a crowed of customer’s eyes.

Like last year, WGO reusable tape and it’s finished products were eye-catching and there were overwhelmed clients including old and new customers visited our booth 11M36 during the Fair which is lasted 4 days from 18th to 21th May. We have gained great marketing feedback and information from them. Most of new customers were attracted by the reusable tape no residue washable reusable function of WGO tape and exclaimed in great surprise of it’s wide application, which not only including Electronic series, but also household series as well as display series. Meanwhile, it aroused a hot topic and there are more and more creative new ideas comes to their mind for wider range of application.

We are honor there are increasing people know our patented WGO reusable tape due to it’s magic reusable no residue washable and reusable function. And it proves big marketing chance of WGO removable tape and we are confident that we will have a great brilliant future.



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