Does the removable tape belong to the hot melt adhesive system?
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    Many consumers will think that the removable adhesive is a hot-melt adhesive system when it comes into contact with Removable Tape. In fact, there is a big difference between removable adhesive and hot-melt adhesive. Let's get to know it together.

Hot-melt adhesive: 

    Hot-melt adhesives refer to a type of adhesive that is solid at a low temperature, heated and melted into a liquid state, coated, and wetted on an adherend surface, and after being pressed and cooled, can be cured by solidification or chemical reaction. . It is a multi-component mixture with a thermoplastic resin or elastomer as the subject material, and is applied in the form of a solution to the surface of the substrate for bonding. In most cases, the hot melt adhesive is a 100% adhesive with no water or solvent solid mass fraction.

Removable Tape:

     Ideal Home Universal Tape is a range of organic adhesives, its environmental performance passed third-party international Rohs, SGS environmental certification, high and low temperature testing, which is a new type of paste can be used repeatedly, no solvent, non-toxic, non-allergic Environmentally friendly paste material. Removable tape far exceeds the performance of hot-melt adhesive system, temperature range -20 °C ~ +120 °C, strong resistance to aging, super resistance to yellowing, sticky after 3 to 5 years is still new, repeat tearing More than 1000 times without leaving residue.

    Therefore,Ideal Home Universal Tape Co., Ltd promises that we can help you when you do not know how to distinguish reusable tape and you will be served by professional service team which have been established for 10 years.

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