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Ideal Home Universal Tape Co.,Limited is a professional tracelss adhesive gel tape manufacturer in China.we sincerely welcome your visiting. Our company is based on

Ideal Home Universal Tape - Assured Quality

    Ideal Home Universal Tape is a competitive manufacturer of removable non-marking adhesive tape. For every square meter of removable non-marking adhesive tape, all undergoes strict testing by our factory and customers and therefore to bring the stable assured quality removable adhesive tape to the world. Although there’re not many new models developed for each year, but we guarantee the each model of removable adhesive tape is the best premium quality.

Non-marking adhesive tape

Factory Direct Sale

    Internet changes our life and also effect the sales mode and after-sales service of manufacturers. The Internet enable factories and removable adhesive tape users to communicate directly as it cut out many middle stages. That not only leads to more competitive price, but also assured quality and smooth communication. It indeed provides a better choice for consumers of removable no reside adhesive tape.

Non-marking adhesive tape

   Plsvisit our offcial website 【】 if you are interested in our Non-marking adhesive tape case phone ring holder. you can contact us directly via online communication tools and you also can leave your online message or through our 24 hours customer care hotline at 86-15920698900 to make a phone call to us.Welcome you for coming。

Customized designs of mobile phone ring holder
100% Fully attention on cumstomers' service .
24hours on line service

Customized designs of No Residue Adhesive Tape

   We have been working on material tape of No Residue Adhesive Tape with OEM and special LOGO service .

100% Fully attention on cumstomers' service .

   We own a professional team of mobile tNo Residue Adhesive Tape included R&D ,sales,and after service.

24hours on line service

    In order to gain a Satisfactory feedback of No Residue Adhesive Tape,our time in your time .

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